Re: Need for same user name in multiple domains

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 21 Apr 1997 18:08:48 -0700

Tom Bilan wrote:
> Let's say I have 2 domains set up.
> (my normal dialup domain)
> (a virutal domain I'm hosting)
> I have a user that is a normal user.
> I also have a that has e-mail through us. I want to enter
> paul as a service under the MBR for (which I have set up a
> XYZ domain in Emerald Admin) but it says a user paul exists.
> I'm wondering how to handle this situation. I don't think there is a
> neat way out because if was to dial in radiusNT would have
> to way to distinguish which paul it is... or would it?

The main thing you have to look at is the pop3 name. Remember that for
the SAME mail server (like Post.Office) the pop3 names must be unique
no matter WHAT the domain the user is in. So when you solve that, you
solve your Emerald issue.

If you have two mail servers, its not a big issue (or one that can
multiple pop3 names the same, but on different IP addresses like NTMail

Still authentication is an issue. Most people work around the
authentication problem by using the full email address of the user
in the login field.

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