Re: ok, so now whats the right way to...

Pat Augustine ( )
Mon, 21 Apr 1997 19:12:50 -0400

At 06:55 PM 4/21/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Ok, so a user calls, sais he wants to discontinue service after the end
>of his current billing period. Whats the right way to handle this?
>I wiped out the cc info, changed to bill instead of credit card so they
>wont get hit automatically. now what?
>I guess I just write it on a list, and after the exp date go delete the
>customer so I can have that mbr license back? The system still tries
>to bill them though!
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It's inelegant, but I've been changing them to Other, that way the don't
get billed again, and I can do a simple SQL query after the first or so to
find them.

I keep hoping for a better way, but at least that works.

Pat Augustine
Interlink America