Re: Emerald and Radius option settings

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Mon, 21 Apr 1997 18:20:49 -0400

> > > > Ascend Max Time
> > >
> > > Use the Ascend-Maximum-Time attribute rather than Session-Timeout
> > > for time banking.
> >
> > Is this only for use when using a text file or should it also be
checked if
> > Ascend-Maximum-Time is used with Emerald?
> > I have only one customer that I'm using this with (set it up today in
> > service's RADIUS entries), but 99% of the time, everyone's
> > etc. through the Emerald db. I only use the text file when shutting
> > SQL for whatever reason.
> It ONLY applies to time banking. Time banking is only applicable
> to ODBC users confgiured for it.

Stupid question for the day: Should I enable Time banking in RadiusNT
Admin in order for this one person to have an Ascend-Maximum-Time? If so,
will I need to modify the settings for all other "normal" PPP accounts?
(the checkbox and field for Time Left, or some default value for
Ascend-Maximum-Time for non-limited services)


Josh Hillman