recreating the Calls table

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Fri, 18 Apr 1997 17:36:07 -0400


> 1. Using SEW, drop the Calls Table.

Assuming you're referring to SQL Enterprise Manager...
No problems here -- I renamed "Calls" to "CallsOld".

> 2. Load insttabs.sql in QA, highlight the Create Table Calls section and
> click execute. You can also just execute the entire script without
> destroying anything.

I modified this section to add some Ascend-specific attributes. This
section is posted at the end of this message. After running it, Query
responded with (not creating a new Calls table):
Msg 2714, Level 16, State 1
There is already an object named 'pk_Calls' in the database.
Msg 1750, Level 16, State 0
Unable to create constraint. See previous errors.

> 3. Run in QA these scripts: insttrig.sql, instperm.sql

After renaming "CallsOld" back to "Calls", instperm.sql responded with:
Msg 15024, Level 16, State 1
The group 'Emerald' already exists in the current database.

This didn't seem to cause any trouble though, because records are still
being put into the Calls (the original) table for the 10 of the 48 NASPorts
that it still works with.

Here's the modified section out of insttabs.sql:

CallDate smalldatetime NOT NULL ,
UserName varchar (32) NOT NULL ,
AcctSessionID varchar (10) NOT NULL ,
AcctSessionTime int NULL ,
AscendDataRate int NULL ,
AscendDisconnectCause int NULL ,
FramedAddress varchar (16) NULL ,
NASIdentifier varchar (16) NOT NULL ,
AscendModemSlotNo int NULL ,
AscendModemPortNo int NULL ,
NASPort int NOT NULL ,
AscendConnectProgress int NULL ,
AcctStatusType tinyint NOT NULL CONSTRAINT pk_Calls PRIMARY KEY
(NASIdentifier, NASPort, AcctSessionID, AcctStatusType),
FramedProtocol int NULL ,
AscendFirstDest varchar (16) NULL ,
AcctDelayTime int NULL ,
AcctInputOctets int NULL ,
AcctOutputOctets int NULL ,
AcctInputPackets int NULL ,
AcctOutputPackets int NULL ,
AscendPreInputOctets int NULL ,
AscendPreOutputOctets int NULL ,
AscendPreInputPackets int NULL ,
AscendPreOutputPackets int NULL ,
AscendPreSessionTime int NULL ,

Thanks for any assistance,

Josh Hillman