Re: simples q's about Calls columns

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Fri, 18 Apr 1997 12:16:08 -0400

Dale, thanks for the info. I use "order by blahblah" and various SELECT
orders (horizontal display of columns) all the the time in my various
scripts. I was just seeing if there were a couple shortcuts (like
eliminating "ORDER BY CallDate" by having the CallDate automatically be the
first search order column, etc. Thanks again,

Josh Hillman

> > 1. By default, when doing a query on the Calls table, the output is
> > displayed in order by NASPort. Can this be changed to do it by
> > CallDate, or would that cause problems/delays somewhere?
> This I don't know about. The default order is the order the data was
> INSERTED in. Thats typically calldate for me. A simple order by
> should work as well:
> Select * From Calls
> Order By CallDate
> > 2. I can change the default horizontal listing order of columns in
> > this table without causing any problems, right?
> > (NASIdentifier, NASPort, AcctSessionID, etc. --> CallDate,
> > Username, Ascenddatarate, etc.)
> Yes, thats fines. You can also just change your select order. Thats
> simple
> SQL:
> Select NASIdentifier, NASPort, AcctSessionID, CallDate, Username,
> AscendDateRate
> From Calls
> Order By NASIdentifier, NASPort
> > 3. These columns have always had "(null)" in them. Can I "safely"
> > eliminate these from the script before running it? What do
> > they represent?
> > UserService, LoginService, LoginHost, AcctTerminateCause,
> > NASPortType, NASPortDNIS
> Yes, that should be fine.