Re: Serv-U and emer_su.dll

Kelly Wright ( (no email) )
Thu, 17 Apr 1997 07:32:18 -0500

> >
> > We have installed Serv-U successfully on our new server.
> >
> > The emer_su.dll loads fine. When we test the ftp for a users account
> > get an "550 Access denied" error. The dir info is not showing up in
> > wsftp window.
> Is Serv-U running in foreground mode or as a service? Does the user
> Serv-U

As a service

> is running as have permissions to the UNC that you have specified for
> the user?
Not sure of the question.

> Run Serv-U in foreground mode. If it still doesn't work, then open a
> dos
> prompt and do a:
> dir \\server\users\username
> or whatever the directory for the user is. What happens on the dir?

I did this from the dos prompt and it does list the directory successfully.

Question- Do I need to have a permission and pw to run it as a service?