Re: Serv-U and emer_su.dll

Jeff Woods ( )
Thu, 17 Apr 1997 09:21:34 -0400

At 10:26 PM 4/16/97 -0700, you wrote:

>> The emer_su.dll loads fine. When we test the ftp for a users account we
>> get an "550 Access denied" error. The dir info is not showing up in the
>> wsftp window.
>Is Serv-U running in foreground mode or as a service? Does the user
>Serv-U is running as have permissions to the UNC that you have specified for
>the user?
>Run Serv-U in foreground mode. If it still doesn't work, then open a
>dos prompt and do a:
>dir \\server\users\username

Dale, this is the SAME problem we reported, that was never solved. SERV-U
is running as a NON_Service, signed on as a user in the foreground on the
SAME machine where user homepages are stored. When I do that above, I SEE
the directory. But FTP users are "access denied". I sent you a log file
of this as you requested, but didn't hear back from you.