Re: Printing Renewals

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 15 Apr 1997 01:20:56 -0700

Pat Augustine wrote:
> When I batch create a set of invoices, I put in the date, select Renewal
> and hit Create. It creates the Invoices just fine. I then hit Print and the
> ODBC print dialog comes up with 1 blank invoice, for nobody. It then asks
> if I want to mark all these invoices as sent.

Ok, here is the problem. Depending on WHAT you are doing,
creating or printing, the date field has a different use:

When creating invoices, the date field is for the date or
time period for the invoices to be created. This you know.

When printing invoices:

If the date field is blank, it will print all invoices which
have not been printed yet (sent date is NULL)

If the date field is NOT blank, it will print all invoices
which were created on that date.

The problem is you are leaving the date the same, and its trying to
find invoices printed on May 1, which isn't here, yet. Thats why
the print is blank.

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