Re: CallsOnline and tempdb

David Khoury ( )
Sat, 12 Apr 1997 11:18:20 +1000

>> Just on the tempdb thing, I went to our SQL server today to try and up the
>> size of the tempdb database. First went to expand the master device ... and
>> found that it's maximum size was a negative number!! And the listed size of
>> the device was the same as the maximum size. Of course, this makes it
>> slightly hard to expand the master device. The funny thing was that this
>> was the same on all the devices except for the EmeraldDev device.
>> Maybey the SQL server wants all the devices as contiguous files on the
>> disk !?!?
>> If anyone has seen this before, I'd appreciate a hint on how to resolve it.
>I have seen it before. Open up isql_w and execute:
>DBCC CheckDB(Master)
>as well as any other DBs having problems like this. Typically it will
>fix the problem. DBCC has a lot of good options for correcting problems.

Thanks for the hint, Dale. Didn't work though. Databases seem to be OK,
it's only the size of the database devices that seems to be negative. I
think it might be a bug in the Enterprise Manager. We're running 6.5
without any service packs.

In any case, doing a disk resize via isql_w seemed to do the trick. E.g

NAME = 'test',
SIZE = 16384

The Enterprise Manager still reports the size as a negative number (when
you edit the device), but shows the true size in the graph, and also when
you select "Manage->Database Devices" from the menu.

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