Re: Questions, Comments, Features....

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 11 Apr 1997 00:55:05 -0700

Jeremy Domingue wrote:
> Dale,
> First let me say that we got the Serv-U dll 4 up and running and it seems to be working great thus far.

Great. Please continue to let us know how it goes, bad or good. We
to get feedback to know whether its working and not crashing. :)

> Also, I have a couple of feature requests.
> First, is there any way to set an UNLIMITED expire date for FREE accounts? For example, we have school accounts that are free, and the keep expiring on us. I think it would be neat if we could use like <blank> or 0/0/0 and then they would never expire.

The old DB schema does not allow for a blank expire date. You can just
set the expire to 1/1/99
and that should hold you for a few years. :)

> Also, we really need a couple extra fields in the invoices section. We keep track of the type of payment and check number when people pay, and we would like Emerald to do this for us. Can you add 3 radio buttons to the invoices tab that say "Cash, Credit Card, Check" and then a check number field? That is really the only thing we feel that is missing at this point, and would greatly appreciate those fields being added. A few other people have said that they need to track similar information, so

There is a comment field which should re-appear in the pay function
shortly. Currently you
can tell whether its cash/check or CC by the invoice type. By putting a
check number you can
tell whether its a check or cash. We should be able to programmatically
make that look like
what you are talking about without having to add new fields to the

> Thanks Dale, Emerald has really come a long way since we first used it in August of '96!

Yes. Its too bad nobody had the pleasure of seeing Emerald 1.0. That
started in
November of 95. Now THATS a long ways. :)

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