Questions, Comments, Features....

Jeremy Domingue ( )
Thu, 10 Apr 1997 10:53:14 -0700


First let me say that we got the Serv-U dll 4 up and running and it =
seems to be working great thus far.

Also, I have a couple of feature requests.

First, is there any way to set an UNLIMITED expire date for FREE =
accounts? For example, we have school accounts that are free, and the =
keep expiring on us. I think it would be neat if we could use like =
<blank> or 0/0/0 and then they would never expire.

Also, we really need a couple extra fields in the invoices section. We =
keep track of the type of payment and check number when people pay, and =
we would like Emerald to do this for us. Can you add 3 radio buttons to =
the invoices tab that say "Cash, Credit Card, Check" and then a check =
number field? That is really the only thing we feel that is missing at =
this point, and would greatly appreciate those fields being added. A few =
other people have said that they need to track similar information, so I =
know it wouldn't be "just for us".

Thanks Dale, Emerald has really come a long way since we first used it =
in August of '96!

Jeremy Domingue
Webmaster, Tehachapi Mountain Internet