Re: CallsOnline and tempdb

David Khoury ( )
Thu, 10 Apr 1997 18:05:33 +1000

>Typically, this will half your calls table. I posted a message
>earlier about having an appropriately sized tempdb database to
>handle the consolidation. Something around 5-15mb should be fine.
>I might add an option to the charges consolidation to allow stepping
>of it, rather than having to do all of it as it currently does.

Great Dale!!! Just what we need. Could you email to the list when the
stepping colsolidation is finished? Thanks.

Just on the tempdb thing, I went to our SQL server today to try and up the
size of the tempdb database. First went to expand the master device ... and
found that it's maximum size was a negative number!! And the listed size of
the device was the same as the maximum size. Of course, this makes it
slightly hard to expand the master device. The funny thing was that this
was the same on all the devices except for the EmeraldDev device.

Maybey the SQL server wants all the devices as contingeuous files on the
disk !?!?

If anyone has seen this before, I'd appreciate a hint on how to resolve it.


P.S If you do reply, could you email a response directly to me?? I've
subscribed in digest form (because of the amount of e-mails I get on this
list), and I get the digest just after work finishes.

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