Re: FW: FW: Problems with Calls ONline..

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 08 Apr 1997 12:09:12 -0700

James Sandusky wrote:
> OK, I've already told Emerald Admin I have a Portmaster with 30 ports and modems starting at 0 and told it to report. It added 0 through 29 to the server ports tab. The data in these ports is blank...
> I don't understand what you mean by the calls table having a trigger on it?? Is there a setting that must be activated or did you mean something internally in the SQL database?

Run Enterprise manager. Connect to your SQL Server. Expand down to
databases, Emerald, Objects,
Tables. Find the Calls trable and right click on it. Select triggers.
Making sure that the
calls table is listed in the left box (there is a bug in 6.0 SEW), see
if you have anything listed
in the right box (except new).

If you don't, execute the insttrig.sql script in query analyzer. If you
can't figure out the
problem, send me (in email) your SQL Server name and connection
information and I will attach
to it and check it out.

> It acts like Radius looks in the database for the username, says OK this guys ok to login back to the portmaster, but never sends any information back to the database. I currently only have option 1 "Concurrency control" turned on. Do I need a different "newer" version of Radius. The Radius I'm using is the one currently in your Radius dir on the FTP site, .6 something??

Have you verified that there is anything in the calls table? You may
not have accounting
enabed in the portmaster itself. Are you seeing accounting requests in
-x15 debug mode? They
will have AcctStatusType attributes in them.

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