permanent dialups

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Mon, 7 Apr 1997 17:36:02 -0400

If a user has a dedicated IP address (no problem) and remains dialed up
24/7, is there some way that they will automatically be disconnected by
RadiusNT if the expiration date is reached and a payment hasn't been
received yet?

If not, the user could dial up today, his account could expire in a week,
and if a payment hasn't been received by that date, his dialup session is
unaffected. He may not be able to dial back up, but there's nothing
preventing him from staying online past the expiration date (other than
line noise or whatever).

Are there any solutions to this or am I going to have to just periodically
police the account, manually?

Here are a couple Ascend-Disconnect-Causes that might play a role in this:
150 requestByRadiusClient disconnect requested by a RADIUS
151 localAdmin disconnect requested by the local

The only time I've ever seen a disconnect cause of "1" is when I disconnect
the user from the Max console window--otherwise, it's 2, 11, 45, 100, or

Ascend Max 4004 5.0A
Radius .60 (service) with Concurrency and Login Limit checked,
running in ODBC mode
SQL 6.5
Emerald 2.1.11


Josh Hillman