Re: How is Time Banking work ?

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 07 Apr 1997 10:22:09 -0700

Andrei-Vasile Neagu wrote:
> How is working "Time Banking"?
> If a user has a limit of let say 100 minutes the Emerald will transmit to RadiusNT a session limit of 60000 so the users will be logout after that time?
> I will need a Session limit in Radius settings for services?
> Since now I cannot make this thing to work.
> (radius report option -79)

You have to enable time banking in the RadiusNT administrator first.

If the timeleft field is not null, RadiusNT will take the lesser of
that field and the Session-Timeout field, if a session-timeout
field is present.

If you are using Ascends, you need to check the Ascend Maximum time
option in the
RadiusNT administrator as well.

Currently, the option doesn't work correctly if you have both Ascend and
non-Ascend equipmen, since Ascend uses the Ascend-Maximum-Time
where as everyone else uses the Sesion-Timeout field.

We will be added some options to RadiusNT to handle multiple NAS type in
scenario soon.