RE: Invoicing 2 questions

David Mulberry ( )
Wed, 2 Apr 1997 20:39:44 -0500

> 1. I have a customer that expired on April 1st. I received his =
payment yesterday but had not created the invoice yet. I went into his =
MBR and selected "invoice next term". It responded "no new invoices to =
create". I installed 2.1.8 last night and started getting this problem =
this morning. I then went into batch and ran an incremental batch for =
4/15/97. It created 2 unrelated invoices but nothing for the expired =
account. What should I be looking for, how can I create and invoice and =
pay the

Does an invoice already exist for the customer for the current unpaid
billing cycle? Thats what it sounds like to me.

This customer has no unpaid invoices. He was basically a month late, he =
didn't pay for March until the 30th, he sent his April payment with =
March. We payed the March invoice which renewed his account until =
4/1/97, now when I go to created his April renewal invoice I get the =
above error. If there is an unpad invoice it is not showing up in =
Emerald. We have only have the March invoice on this guy. April will =
be his second invoice.=20

Any Help is appreciated.=20

David Mulberry