Invoicing 2 questions

David Mulberry ( )
Wed, 2 Apr 1997 08:40:54 -0500

Hello everybody,

Two Invoicing questions,

1. I have a customer that expired on April 1st. I received his payment =
yesterday but had not created the invoice yet. I went into his MBR and =
selected "invoice next term". It responded "no new invoices to create". =
I installed 2.1.8 last night and started getting this problem this =
morning. I then went into batch and ran an incremental batch for =
4/15/97. It created 2 unrelated invoices but nothing for the expired =
account. What should I be looking for, how can I create and invoice and =
pay the account?

2. The second question is really a bug report. First a word of praise, =
thanks Dale for putting the "Show unpaid invoices only" option under the =
invoice tab :) One small change to this query would be nice, it not =
only shows unpaid invoices but also voided invoices as well.=20


David Mulberry