Re: Visual Basic 5.0

Marc Elbirt ( )
Wed, 02 Apr 1997 08:51:59 -0500

At 02:30 AM 4/2/97 -0800, Dale wrote:
>First you guys make me install CR 5.0 to figure that one out, and know
>VB 5.0? Boy, don't get much slack around here, huh?

The answer is the tab control... The new version doesn't like Emerald.
Although I don't know the side effects, grab the file "tabctl32.oc_" from
the archive and expand it into your SYSTEM directory. The Accounts tab

BTW, I have verified that if the expire date includes 31 for the day of
month, you get an type mismatch error when you try to edit a service.

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