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David Edwards ( )
Sun, 30 Mar 1997 11:04:16 -0800

At 01:54 AM 3/30/97 -0800, you wrote:
>> 1) Does the "Send Bill" checkbox need to be checked in the services tab to
>> batch email invoices?
>Yes, the MBR must have EMail as the Send Method, and ATLEAST one service
>needs to have the send bill option checked. This tells Emerald which
>EMail address to mail a copy of the invoice to.

Would this be the correct SQL statement to change the send bill check box?
UPDATE SubAccounts
SET SendBill=1

I'm assuming that I would need to check to make sure I only have one sub
account's send bill checked for every master account.

>> 2) Does the "Auto Bill" checkbox in the billing tab under credit card need
>> to be checked to batch process credit cards? (I'm assuming yes)
>If the auto-bill is not checked, the account will only be billed
>CC the FIRST time. All other times after that will be billed via

Wait a minute, I thought it was the opposite way. For testing purposes, I
have auto bill enabled on two MBRs. When I select Credit Card and put in
the appropriate date to create invoices, I only come up with 2 services to
bill. I'm assuming it is the two services where I have the auto bill
checked that are getting invoiced.

So how about another SQL statement to update the Auto Bill checkbox. How
would this one work?
UPDATE MasterAccounts
SET CreditCardAutoBill=1
WHERE CreditCardNumber IS NOT NULL

I've tried changing some of the table's default values, but Emerald seems
to have its own defaults. Any way to change that? TIA

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