Re: Charges Tab

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sat, 29 Mar 1997 22:41:21 -0800

Brian Connelly wrote:
> Does any one else Have trouble with the Charges Tab.
> Every Time I run it ... It seems like it is working but... Nothing is
> ever done... In other words
> nothing is ever added to the CallsHistory Table nor the Charges Table..
> I have tried asking Dale for some time now.. But I have failed to
> receive a response.
> I know he is busy but this seems to be a major issue in the
> functionality...

Sorry it took me so long to get back to this. Its not an easy
problem to find. I did some tests in the lab and I think I
figured it out. Running charges uses the tempdb quite a bit.
Depending on the size of your calls table and the number of users
you have, depends on the size you need for your tempdb.

The lab machine only had like 2 megs for its tempdb. When I copied
a production machine's DB to it (with 215,000 stop records in the calls
database and about 4500 users) it wouldn't run. Uping the tempdb
to 15 megs allowed it to work.

Moral of the story: Add about 10 megs to your master database device,
expand your tempdb, and it should work.

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