Re: Importing existing users.

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sat, 29 Mar 1997 00:01:06 -0800

Ian Pizey wrote:
> Given the structure of emerald, (MBR and sub accounts) I am wondering if it is possible to import users from an access database. Most of our clients are dial up users that are the same person as the one would be on the MBR.
> Is there a workable way to do this or would I be better off to start typing?

It really depends on couple of things. The main thing is the USABILITY
of the data.
If all you have is username/password, then I would say no. if you have
a lot of the
information that Emerald needs, then it might be worth it. The ther
thing would be the
number of users. For a small number of users (say < 100) its probably
worth it. Since you could use this as an audit of your user
information, it might
be better to just type the information in. For a larger user base with
good data,
a conversion program might be worth it. Its really just evaluating
which one takes
less time.

> Second question.
> I installed SQL then emerald then Radius. I recall seeing a screen that gave the option to integrate radius with emerald. At the time it was greyed out becuase I did not have radius installed.

You are referring to the installer. The current installer does not
RadiusNT as well (its installed seperately).

> How do I get back to that option now that radius is installed.?

You don't. Just use RadiusNT admin to configure RadiusNT for ODBC, and
select the ODBC DSN you created that points to SQL Server and the

> Third.. Is there a manual somewhere?

The user manual may be available shortly. We are working hard on it.
You can
check out the in the /emerald/beta directory for some
until the new user manual is available.

> Oh well thanks for any help you can give..

Your welcome.

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