Importing existing users.

Ian Pizey ( )
Sat, 29 Mar 1997 00:03:20 -0600

Hi there, I have been monitoring this list for a couple of months while =
trying to evaluate a billing option for our site. I have been convinced =
that emerald has the features I require. So I decided to take the =
plunge and start evaluating emerald. =20
Now I am a newbie and like all newbies full of questions ;) Bear with =

Well after a few hours, I have installed SQL /emerald and am ready to =
forge ahead. Not to bad considering I have never seen SQL server =
before... =20

Emerald install went fairly well, just a problem with insttabs.sql file =
that just turned out to be a path problem.=20

So here come the questions.=20

Given the structure of emerald, (MBR and sub accounts) I am wondering =
if it is possible to import users from an access database. Most of our =
clients are dial up users that are the same person as the one would be =
on the MBR.

Is there a workable way to do this or would I be better off to start =

Second question.=20

I installed SQL then emerald then Radius. I recall seeing a screen =
that gave the option to integrate radius with emerald. At the time it =
was greyed out becuase I did not have radius installed. =20

How do I get back to that option now that radius is installed.?

Third.. Is there a manual somewhere? =20

Oh well thanks for any help you can give..