Re: SQL Transaction Log is full.

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Fri, 28 Mar 1997 12:53:33 -0500

The message below was originally sent to someone else with the same problem
earlier this morning:

SQL Enterprise Manager
Emerald (double-click on it)
Truncate the Transaction Log

This will tell you that you should do a diskdump right afterwards, so you
should do that as well
right-click on the Emerald database and choose Backup/Restore
Make sure that Database Backup displays Emerald.
Select a Backup Device (I created one a while back called
"Emerald_diskdump", but you can use the generic "diskdump"
Click on Backup Now. (you may have to click on the Initialize
Device checkbox first)

That should take care of it.

Josh Hillman

> From: Warren Kipp <>
> To:
> Subject: SQL Transaction Log is full.
> Date: Wednesday, March 26, 1997 2:23 PM
> Hi Dale or anyone. I wanted to delete some of my old start records via a
> sql statement provided by Dale, but it tells me my transaction log is
> and to basically dump it.
> Can someone tell me how to do this and any repercussions? Enterprise
> Manager indicates that the transaction log is using space shared with
> data. I don't know if this makes any diff.
> When I dump the transaction log, what actually is getting deleted? Any
> history records for the users?
> Hope you excuse my SQL ignorance.
> Warren
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