Re: 3rd Times the Charm: Emerald Billing

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sat, 22 Mar 1997 12:22:22 -0800

Will LaSala wrote:
> Now I'm trying to make new invoices and it says it has none
> to create. And has no charges to make and no renewals to make.
> Well how do I make these so that they can be made.

If this is 2.1, I HAVE answered this several times: Use 2.1.3 or

> Also how can I set the invoice numbering back to 0.
> and clear out the old history table.

To resetthe invoicing number to 0 is prety difficult. Clearing out
the invoice table is easy.

There is no such thing as a history table (unless you are referring
to the callhistory table). The user "history" comes from about
six different tables, that would have to be cleared our individually.
Deleting all the MBRS (using 2.1.4) is probably your best bet, as that
would clean up all the related information.

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