Re: OK, ID's now unique -- and too long!

Jeff Albright ( )
Tue, 18 Mar 1997 17:13:35 -0600

Jeff Woods wrote:
> I finally got this PowerRack to generate unique Acct-Session-ID's. Now
> the RADIUS server in Debug mode tells me:
> ODBC Error........ Column AcctSessionID of table Emerald.dbo.Calls cannot
> accept 14 bytes (10 max).
> Sending Ack....
> So, how do I expand the calls table column to handle more bytes (I am
> guessing I need to send it above 16 as well, perhaps to 20, in case this
> thing actually does stay up long enough to get that high).
> Thanks!
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You could drop the table (Drop table calls) and then rebuild JUST that
table by using just the calls piece of the INSTTABS.SQL (of course
after modifying it)...

or cut and paste..

/****** Object: Table dbo.Calls Script Date: 11/22/95 9:30:42 PM
NASIdentifier varchar (16) NOT NULL ,
NASPort int NOT NULL ,
AcctSessionID varchar (14) NOT NULL , <==== changed
AcctStatusType tinyint NOT NULL CONSTRAINT pk_Calls PRIMARY KEY
(NASIdentifier, NASPort, AcctSessionID, AcctStatusType),
CallDate smalldatetime NOT NULL ,
UserName varchar (32) NOT NULL ,
UserService tinyint NULL ,
AcctDelayTime int NULL ,
AcctSessionTime int NULL ,
FramedProtocol int NULL ,
FramedAddress varchar (16) NULL ,
AcctInputOctets int NULL ,
AcctOutputOctets int NULL ,
AcctTerminateCause tinyint NULL ,
NASPortType tinyint NULL ,
NASPortDNIS varchar (10) NULL

Dale has a neat trick for this so long as the field is not a keyfield or
nonulls column - rename the existing field to an old name and then
create the new column with the proper attributes...

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