Re: OK, ID's now unique -- and too long!

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 18 Mar 1997 15:37:59 -0800

Jeff Woods wrote:
> I finally got this PowerRack to generate unique Acct-Session-ID's. Now
> the RADIUS server in Debug mode tells me:
> ODBC Error........ Column AcctSessionID of table Emerald.dbo.Calls cannot
> accept 14 bytes (10 max).
> Sending Ack....
> So, how do I expand the calls table column to handle more bytes (I am
> guessing I need to send it above 16 as well, perhaps to 20, in case this
> thing actually does stay up long enough to get that high).

1. Drop the table

2. Edit the insttabs.sql script in ISQL_W

3. Find the AcctSessionID line, and change the length of it to your

4. Highlight from the CREATE TABLE line to the following GO.

5. Execute the query.

6. Re-run the instperm.sql script.

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