Emerald Billing

Pat Augustine ( ereth@ilnk.com )
Tue, 18 Mar 1997 15:38:23 -0500

I realize I'm making myself look like an idiot here, but I'm stumped.

We are committed to using Emerald for all our billing starting with April
1 invoices. I have pulled practically all my hair out (and I didn't have
that much to start with!) and I cannot figure out how to even begin. I
can't make an invoice. I can't accept a payment. I don't have a clue as to
the procedure.
I've read the doc file from the Emerald site but, of course, it bears no
resemblance to any current version of Emerald and references Tabs and Menu
Items that don't exist.
No matter what date I put in the Batch Tab, it tells me no new invoices to
create, so I'm definitely missing something.
Any attempt to add a payment results in a Runtime Error 13: Type Mismatch
and Emerald exits completely (whether I type in 16.50 or $16.50).

I've even gone so far as to give up on Emerald and try to duplicate it
with Access, and while I can easily get names, addresses, and credit card
info that way, I've not hit on an easy way to find out what the user
actually owes us. I'm considering manually changing everybody to Static and
putting their bill amount in Cost, but I'd just as soon avoid that.
Especially as I've discovered our credit card software wants expiration
dates reversed from the database (ie, they want 9902 where it is stored
299, or even 2/99).

Sooo....acknowledging that I'm a "Stupid User", can somebody give me
step-by-step instructions on invoicing/billing? I have Emerald 2.1.0 and
archives back to 2.075 so whichever one I need, I'll run.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Pat Augustine