Problem with 2.0.101

Tommy Cheng ( )
Mon, 17 Mar 1997 01:54:54 -0800


When I use Emerald 2.0.101 and using TSGRAPH, I get: Run time error
'429' You do not have an appropriate license to use this functionality.
And then Emerald closes. Ahem, I thought I paid you guys a while back.
Do I need new license KeyID from you? Just in case, I did updttabs.sql
but it did not help. I went back to 2.0.92 and it did the same thing.
Delete the key and reinstall the key -- no go. I guess I need an
non-expiring license KeyID from you.

Also, when I selete a MBR, I always get "Previous region not available
for this group." and sure enough, when I clike OK, the region field is
gone. Then I went back to 2.0.92 and it works. New bug?

On the brighter note, Netscape Mail external system works with Netscape
Mail server 2.02 now. :-) Of course, for those people who use older
Netscape Mail server, please don't fight this with me. :-) Just select
Post.Office MTA for your external system and it will work. :-)

Tommy Cheng