Re: Some questions

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sun, 16 Mar 1997 19:40:47 -0800

Andrei-Vasile Neagu wrote:
> 1. The Emerald software announce me that " Your Free Evaluation copy has expired. Contact for purchasing information"
> I thought that there were 45 days...
> I think that for all tests to be completed, Post.Office, FTP integration, etc, 45 days is OK not just a week.
> If I try to reinstall but the message is the same.
> Only the Emerald Client don't work.

The client allows up to "45 days old" data to be entered into the
database. You probably
entered someone with a startdate of several weekes ago, in which case
the client
thinks you were using it for more than 45 days. You can either
re-create the
database, or contact and they an send you a temp
key to
finish testing Emerald.

> 2. I setup a PPP user with 1$/hr 2$/hr charge type. I tested the user logging in the Telebit for a couple of hours. When I tried to invoice him he was charged 0$ for service and 0$ for connections. In call history was 2 Hrs and nothing on charge column. I execute from Batch menu the Charge option and after that Invoice.

You would have had to change the rate of the PPP acount type or create
account type with the rate. Did you change the rate of the user? It
sounds like
it was still on the 120 rate, and thats why a charge wasn't created.

> 3. How can I make radiusNT to put my own SQL queries to server?

You can't. What do you want to change?

> 4. How can I charge the user with unit time "minute" instead of "hour"?

Currently time is tracked in hous for billing.

> 5. If an user have limit time he can pass it inside of a call, and after that he will obtain an "out of time". Exist any possibility to put the remaining time limit in Session-Time attribute from Radius so the Radius server can pass to the machine a session limit ?

RadiusNT already does this. It uses the lesser of an Existing
Session-Timeout for the
user/account type or the number of minutes they have left.

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