Re: Emerald and Netscape Mail integration

Tommy Cheng ( )
Fri, 14 Mar 1997 22:31:04 -0800

No, I want Emerald to have POP3|IMAP for Netscape Mail Server. :)

Actually, with older Netscape mail, just use Post.Office and it should


Pat Augustine wrote:
> Dale,
> I managed to get Emerald Admin set up properly for Emerald to create email
> accounts from 2.090.
> However, in both of the subsequent versions (2.092 and 2.098), it no
> longer works. I get the email form letter from Emerald email, like when it
> did work, but the account is not created. No error message, just doesn't
> create the account. I'm guessing it has to do with the change to include
> POP3|IMAP, since we are using an older version of Netscape Mail Server.
> My question is, obviously I can cure it by going back to 2.090, but in
> some future revision that's no longer Beta, I'll want to upgrade and I'm
> wondering if there'll be a version choice for the various versions of
> Netscape Mail Server?