Dup Key in Radius

Erik Lundby ( (no email) )
Thu, 13 Mar 1997 10:58:50 -0600

This is what I'm getting in radius.

radrecv: Request from host ce9ce303 code=4, id=192, length=165
Acct-Session-Id = "02000012"
User-Name = "nilles"
NAS-Identifier =
NAS-Port = 9
Acct-Status-Type = Start
Acct-Authentic = RADIUS
Vendor-Specific = ""
Vendor-Specific = ""
Vendor-Specific = ""
Vendor-Specific = ""
NAS-Name = "usr1.linkup.net"
NAS-Port-Type = Async
User-Service = Framed-User
Framed-Protocol = PPP
Framed-Address =
Acct-Delay-Time = 0
Allocating Statement...

SQL Statement: INSERT INTO Calls
tDelayTime) VALUES

ODBC: SQLExecDirect Error:
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Violation of PRIMARY KEY
int 'pk_Calls': Attempt to insert duplicate key in object 'Calls'.
Sending Accounting Ack of id 192 to ce9ce303 (usr1.linkup.net)

Response Time: 60
This started happening after I reset my NAS. It was acting up. I am
talking with my vendor but am not sure I am being fed the correct
infrmation. Can someone tell me exactly how the AcctSessionID is
generated? Is it entirely by the NAS at the point the call is started or
how? I assume this is the duplicate key right?