Re: RADIUS accounting doesn't work properly

Jeff Albright ( Jeff@Dynasty.Net )
Wed, 12 Mar 1997 11:34:52 -0600

We have racks running a variety of kernels (1.5.1d - 1.5.1f) and do not
experience accounting problems. The only time we have a user that
'hangs' is if we have cycled the rack and we get a duplicate key error
the next time the rack happens to hit the same port/sessionid/type
combination (seems like it s/b rare but it does happen).

We did have to add AcctInputPackets and AcctOutputPackets to the calls
table once upon a time to get these fields but that was the only
rack-specific thing we did.

Jeff Woods wrote:
> I have an application called EMERALD which is RADIUS NT and and SQL
> backender. In it, there is a table that should be able to reasonably
> replicate what is in the WHODO output, based solely on RADIUS accounting
> information.
> Recently, it has come to light on the Emerald mailing list (to which I have
> cc'd this post) that many of your PowerRack clients using Emerald are
> experiencing similar difficulties. One user wrote this on the mailing list:
> >I have the same problems with my Computone
> >Computone even told me that they think someone is going in and
> >changing the racks setup. I don't think so but good try!
> I have determined that the accounting SEEMS to work properly, IF and ONLY
> if you are telnetted into the Rack permanently, and do a WHODO once each
> minute. My accounting was NOT working before, and is working now that I am
> doing this perpetual telnetting.
> This shouldn't need to be the case. With so many of your users
> complaining about this on the Emerald list, you probably ought to acquire a
> copy of Emerald (they might even give you a comp copy good for a couple
> dozen records if you ask nicely -- email and try to
> replicate this and get it corrected in 1.5.1g you have forthcoming. The
> NOPROMPT bug is the least of your worries at this time. Without
> accounting, I'm dead in the water.
> Stevek, you have the password to get root access on our box. Please check
> it out, and let me know what you think. If you have SQL server clients
> installed there, I can give you a copy of the Emerald client to access our
> database and see what I mean (for testing only, Dale).
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