RADIUS accounting doesn't work properly

Jeff Woods ( jeff@delta.com )
Wed, 12 Mar 1997 11:33:10 -0500

I have an application called EMERALD which is RADIUS NT and and SQL
backender. In it, there is a table that should be able to reasonably
replicate what is in the WHODO output, based solely on RADIUS accounting

Recently, it has come to light on the Emerald mailing list (to which I have
cc'd this post) that many of your PowerRack clients using Emerald are
experiencing similar difficulties. One user wrote this on the mailing list:

>I have the same problems with my Computone
>Computone even told me that they think someone is going in and
>changing the racks setup. I don't think so but good try!

I have determined that the accounting SEEMS to work properly, IF and ONLY
if you are telnetted into the Rack permanently, and do a WHODO once each
minute. My accounting was NOT working before, and is working now that I am
doing this perpetual telnetting.

This shouldn't need to be the case. With so many of your users
complaining about this on the Emerald list, you probably ought to acquire a
copy of Emerald (they might even give you a comp copy good for a couple
dozen records if you ask nicely -- email daler@iea.com) and try to
replicate this and get it corrected in 1.5.1g you have forthcoming. The
NOPROMPT bug is the least of your worries at this time. Without
accounting, I'm dead in the water.

Stevek, you have the password to get root access on our box. Please check
it out, and let me know what you think. If you have SQL server clients
installed there, I can give you a copy of the Emerald client to access our
database and see what I mean (for testing only, Dale).