Re: On-Line Tab

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 11 Mar 1997 14:29:37 -0800

Jeff Woods wrote:
> >If what you are saying about the Computone is correct, it sounds like
> >something is broke or messed up in it. I don't know why the NAS would need
> >you to manually "poke" it to work. I have seen sites with over 1000 ports
> >(Portmasters and MAXes) that have less than one "stuck" user a day. Even if
> >the user gets stcuk, the new user to log into that port will clear it out.
> No, that's not the case here. Only 24 active ports on this NAS, and unless
> we "poke" it, it leaves users stuck forever, no matter HOW many times the
> port logs off and back on with different users. Once we WHODO it, it
> clears 'em all up and it works great. If the NAS is broken, I need to ask
> them to fix it. What should I tell them Emerald is doing to GET that data
> from it?

Nothing. You aren't "poking" Emerald, you are poking your NAS. All
RADIUS requests ORIGINTAE from the NAS. RADIUS doesn't specify
where there servers initiates a request to the clients.

Have you tried to follow RadiusNT in debug mode? Do the entries
show up in your calls table for people in between pokes? I guess
I am pretty lost at what the NAS is doing.

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