Billing Question

Will LaSala ( )
Tue, 11 Mar 1997 09:34:34 -0500

Hi all,
I got kinda a strange problem here.
It's more then likely because I have no clue
what I'm doing.

Here's what happens:
When I go to the Batch tab in Emerald Client
put in a date (like 2/1/97) then select type renewal
I get some charge made (like 25 or so) and the bill
looks like the correct amount (like 100 hours is 19.95)
However when I do the same thing and select invoice
I get alot of charges made (like 1135) and when I check in the
Invoices section for the charges I get crazy numbers on the bills
(like "username monthly usage of 3 hours" "$59.85" this
should be 19.95 but it looks like it getting charged 3 times for
This is what I have setup in the Emerald admin:
Service Types:
PPP 100 Hour
cost = 0.00
tax = 0.0
Rate = 100 hours
Billing Group = Dialup Users

100 hours
Allow Overtime = "checked"
Hours = 100
Regular Charge = 19.95
Over Charge = 0.50

This looks good but still doesn't work.
I also had it setup so that
The service type PPP 100 Hour
had a cost of 19.95 and the rates 100 hours
had a Regular Charge of 0.00
that didn't help either.

P.S. Where I'm just testing the billing functions
I was wondering if there was away for me to get the
invoice numbering to start over at 0, and to remove all the bad invoices
with out having to delete each one individually and the history
tables for all the MBR's to empty out.
Does anyone have the SQL command to do this?

Thanks Alot!
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