Billing process question.

Tom Bilan ( )
Mon, 10 Mar 1997 23:45:43 -0500

What is the correct process for the following situation:

Customer ABC signs up for 1 year and I create an ABC MBR.
I create an ABC service for PPP (or whatever)
I select invoice next term from the menu.
ABC hands me $ that pays for the whole next year.
I mark the invoice paid and the expire date is set appropriately.

....then 3.5 months later the ABC comes back and wants to add
another service under his current account. Say a $5/month e-mail
only account. I don't see an option for the person to pay the 8.5
months so that the expire date is correct for every service.

Do I need to delete this account, roll back the expire date, add
another MBR or whatever?

I would really not like to avoid adding another MBR.

I'm sure this has happened to somebody.

Tom Bilan