Netscape Mail 2.02 support

Tommy Cheng ( )
Mon, 10 Mar 1997 00:18:09 -0800


Any chance this can be changed for Netscape Mail 2.02?

POP3-Delivery: [yes]
POP-Login-Name: [abc]

POP3|IMAP-Delivery: [] ("Yes" or "No")
POP3|IMAP-Login-Name: [] (name used by the POP3|IMAP client)

You see, Netscape 2.02 has this extra "|IMAP" and Emerald will not creat
new user without it. Or if this is in SQL table, can you point it out
to me?

I am using Emerald 2.0.90
Radius 1.60
SQL 6.5

Tommy Cheng