Re: Random password?

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sun, 09 Mar 1997 23:11:32 -0800

Tom Bilan wrote:
> I just started using Emerald in the last few days.
> If I'm reading this correctly I am assuming you are saying that
> Emerald can automatically assign a random password to a
> new service? I am running 2.0.90 and I can't seem to get that
> to work. Even after I add the RandomPwd key like it says below.
> I went into Emerald Admin and set the min password length to
> 0 (and null) then hit save. Set it to 6 and hit save. Added a service
> and still no go.
> This random password generator would be VERY useful to me
> because in the next few short days I have to enter 1200 users and
> I would like to give them all new passwords.

I'll post another admin tommorow which fixes the problem with setting
the Random password length. The posted fix should have worked though.

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