Re: Date format of DD/MM/YY

Sunny Wong ( )
Fri, 7 Mar 1997 09:36:42 +1000


Our machine is running on MM/DD/YY with fields like Create, Paid Thru,
Start and
Last Rec. But Expire is DD/MM/YY. When do Time On, the Start time and Stop
use DD/MM/YY as well. How can two date format coexist at the same time, and
without causing any problem. The program runs very well though with this
irregularities. We are running on NT with emerald 2.0 47. We had no
whatsoever with ODBC and everything. But we did not use the invoice
function which
is to difficult to implement or understand.


From: JDyer <>
To: ''
Subject: Date format of DD/MM/YY
Date: Thursday, 6 March 1997 21:09


I have tried a number of time to get the date format of DD/MM/YY working
with no luck, setting both clients and SQL server machine to the same
regional settings.

Has anyone got a system working that does not use the US Default settings

I have had better results using the US short date format of dd-mmm-yy but
this does not fit correctly in some of the display fields.
To be able to use the correct currency would be nice too.


Julian Dyer
Athene Internet