Re: Serv-U Still Crashing....

Jeff Woods ( )
Thu, 06 Mar 1997 10:38:10 -0500

At 07:13 PM 3/5/97 -0600, you wrote:
>Serv-U with the .dll is crashing here 2 - 3 times a day. If I put the
>icon in the startup group & NEVER touch the system after boot & login,
>it will last almost 8 hours. If I even think about looking at the
>Serv-U screen it crashes within a few hours.

We are running with the DLL, and it has not yet crashed since we got the
DLL to load and hit the database. That's three days now.

>I have NT 4.0 Server, sp2, Serv-U 2.2 and what I assume is the latest
>version on su_emer.dll and absolutly NOTHING else running on this
>machine besides normal stuff. No IIS or other process' besides normal
>stuff running.

I have NT 3.51 Workstation on this machine, v2.2 of Serv-U, and the latest
..DLL. The machine also runs backup DNS, our primary Web Server, a telnet
ghost, PC Anywhere, and a prime number factoring program that uses up the
spare CPU cycles. This CPU runs at 99% 24 hours a day. Only 64 MB Ram in
this beast, and nary a problem.

Perhaps it is NT 4.0?