Serv-U Still Crashing....

Jeremy Domingue ( )
Wed, 5 Mar 1997 10:53:35 -0800

We are still struggling with the problem of Serv-U crashing over and =
over again even after upgrading to version 2.2 of Serv-U and downloading =
and installing the newest su_emer.dll. We have had this problem with =
ever since we started using Serv-U. I have talked with the developer of =
Serv-U (Rob Beckers) and according to him, the address of the access =
violation was in an area where DLL's reside, so it was his opinion that =
it was the DLL that was causing the crash. I recall seeing other people =
on this list with similar problems...has anyone ever gotten this fixed? =
Is there a new DLL on the way?

Jeremy Domingue
Webmaster, Tehachapi Mountain Internet