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David Khoury ( )
Wed, 05 Mar 1997 09:58:39 +1000

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> I was just wondering if there is a reason that clients that log in
> with windows 3.1 using trumpet etc, do not register an IP address in
> the online tab in emerald. Is this normal, or am I missing a
> setting?

Well ... I'm not too sure about how your access server is set up, and what
you're using, but we're using Cisco 2511's set up to automatically detect a
ppp session during the plain terminal login period.

If you're using something like Win95, which usually starts PPP
automatically, authentication is done via PAP. The Cisco Access Server
sends the Framed_IP address of the connection with the authentication
request, and Emerald registers this.

If you're using Trumpet Winsock, then you're probably authenticating with
the plain terminal login via a Trumpet script. When Cisco authenticates, it
dosen't send the Framed_IP address because it isn't a network connection,
it's a terminal connection. When that terminal connection changes to a
network conneciton (if the user types in "ppp"), then they switch to network
mode without the Radius server being any more wiser (i.e no authentication
packets are resent to the Radius server).

At least that's my theory. Feel free to pick on the many holes in my
arguement :)

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