Emerald Billing

Duane Schaub ( dschaub@terraworld.net )
Tue, 04 Mar 1997 00:39:56 -0600

I have an occasional problem with new users. Sometimes, I need to bill for
a couple of months in the past when I set up a new account.

If I create a account with a paid thru and expire date two months back, and
then invoice... I only get one invoice for two months ago. No further
invoice is generated until the old one is paid.

There is no way to send late notices on past due account for large
customers that you don't want to just shut off.

I need to be able to search for and reprint groups of invoices on occasion.
Example: Printing 200 invoices and printer "blows Chunks". Now, what
where the invoices that were lost? You would NEVER find them. Need a
search by due date and print date.

I need to be able to control the Crystal Report Viewer when printing
invoices. Currently, you can't do anything until you tell Emerald whether
or not to mark the invoices as sent. I don't know if I want to, because I
cannot see them.

Dale, could you try to work with Seagate to get a resolution to the CR 5
bugs? I would like to use some of 5.0's new features, but the invoice
thing (different accounts on the top and bottom of the invoice) is
hampering my efforts.

How's the line usage report coming? Would like to group NAS's from a
common POP so that I could judge overall line usage.


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