SU_Emer.DLL questions

Jeff Woods ( )
Mon, 03 Mar 1997 16:06:46 -0500

Dale et al:

Finally, it is up and running, and authenticating SERV-U accesses from ODBC.


1) It won't allow users who have long file names for directories in. It
insists on an 8.3 directory name. This would be BAD. We set up the
directory names based on user ID, and some ID's are more than 8 chars.
For example, user Daniel Roarke uses "daniel.roarke" as his login ID,
and that is the name of his directory, too. He can't get into his FTP.

2) Users don't seem to have "create" rights in their directories. We'd
allowed this before, and users are going to scream bloody murder if we
have to take that away. Can a flag be added on a global basis that
sets this ability?