Re: 2.0.88 REMOTE Mode

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 26 Feb 1997 16:35:15 -0800

RHS Linux User wrote:
> Howdy,
> We have just gone online in Beta mode with Emerald 2.0.88. I have
> created all the regions, services, billing groups etc. for OUR purposes,
> but I'm running into a situation here that I could use some direction on.
> I added 2 users under the "Operators" tab in Emerald. These users are to
> have control over two seperate billing groups on the server. So, under
> the "Operator Access" tag, I gave them "Administrative" access to the
> specific Billing Groups that they are responsible for managing.
> Previously, I had created some accounts in their groups, but now, when I
> log in with Emerald and attemtp to look at their accounts, I am getting
> errors such as..
> "Previous region not available for this group"
> and
> "Previous pay period not available for this group"
> I'm taking it that this means that I can setup seperate Pay Periods,
> Billing information etc etc etc for each billing group..

Yes. Each Pay Period, Regions, Etc, can be Global, or specific
to a group. Remote mode is very strict and will only allow the operator
to see/assign what is specific to that group. This is what you
are running into.

> Could someone please point me to a definitive "guide" to working in
> "Remote" user mode? I'd like some initial hand holding to figure out how
> to setup this the correct way etc..

Remote mode is not officially supportted at this time. We have
been working with those sites who need the functionality to
address their needs and modify this accodingly.

if you tell me what you are trying to accomplish, I can tell you
what you need to do.

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