2.0.88 REMOTE Mode

RHS Linux User ( damin@auth.acclink.com )
Wed, 26 Feb 1997 18:57:12 -0500 (EST)

We have just gone online in Beta mode with Emerald 2.0.88. I have
created all the regions, services, billing groups etc. for OUR purposes,
but I'm running into a situation here that I could use some direction on.

I added 2 users under the "Operators" tab in Emerald. These users are to
have control over two seperate billing groups on the server. So, under
the "Operator Access" tag, I gave them "Administrative" access to the
specific Billing Groups that they are responsible for managing.

Previously, I had created some accounts in their groups, but now, when I
log in with Emerald and attemtp to look at their accounts, I am getting
errors such as..

"Previous region not available for this group"


"Previous pay period not available for this group"

I'm taking it that this means that I can setup seperate Pay Periods,
Billing information etc etc etc for each billing group..


Could someone please point me to a definitive "guide" to working in
"Remote" user mode? I'd like some initial hand holding to figure out how
to setup this the correct way etc..