Re: Getting Emerald ready

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 25 Feb 1997 08:48:32 -0800

Will LaSala wrote:
> Hi all,
> It's about time that I finally get emerald ready to go live with.
> First I need to fix some errors and then I need to know how to setup the
> billing and stuff like that.
> First error:
> When I got to External Changed accounts in version 84
> It exports the user and enters them into post office however the next thing
> it is suppose to
> do is enter the changed user into a changed account file.
> It doesn't the error it gives me is
> 52:Bad filename or number
> I can't find where to name this file.

This is fixed in 2.0.86.

> Second Error:
> When I click on the Batch tab in Emerald's main window
> I get an SQL error.
> How do I fix this?

You probably have a bad ExternalTrans Table. I'd suggest dropping
it and running insttabs.sql and instperms.sql again. That should
clear it up and allow Nelson to start testing the PTC support.

> Now the learning process...;-)

(Dale ducks...)

> How do I setup up the billing cycles?
> I know it's an easy one but
> I want to be able to bill everyone at the begining of each month.

Just change their expire date when you create them to your desired
billing. We are working on the option to have month boundary
billing as a default rather than the expire (which will include
pro-rating an account).

> Next how do I assign setup fees to people or one time charges to
> people.

Supposedly in the Admin, Service Types, but rumor has it they are
not in there. :( You can manually add charges using the charges
button on the MBR until we get the setup charge fixed.

> I'd like to be able to use the PTC batch part (that I bugged Dale for).

Use Emerald Admin, Config Client, External to setup the Batch CC
process. I talked to Nelson yesterday about working with you guys
on the Batch IN for PTC.

> Also how and or where do I setup the recurring charges.

A recurring charge is the same thing as a service/account type.
You just create as many as you need and add them to the MBR for
the user. These can include Web Hosting, FTP, Extra Email, etc.

> I went into Emerald Admin and setup differnet billing groups (like the
> manual said)

Billing groups have changed. I just put some new docs in the beta
folder that should help out a little on the setup of this.

> then went and assigned those to the different services.

I hope you understood the concept. Most people have messed
up thier config playing with groups. :(

> However it seems as though they are being billed for twice as much as they
> should
> example
> a user that used 0 hours was billed 19.95
> the same user later (in another month) used 3 hours and was billed 19.95 +
> 1.50
> (each add. hour is .50) However this customer is suppose to have 100 hours
> for 19.95. What do you think I did wrong.

In the rate for the account, did you specify Standard, 100 hours, and
cost of 0? Over should be cost .50. Sounds like you setup the rate

> (I could probabbly figure this one out eventually I just thought it might
> be easier just to ask)

Check the rate for the account type he is configured for, would be the
first place to start.

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