Re: URGENT help on installing Emerald and setting up SQL.

Mauricio Marquez ( )
Mon, 24 Feb 1997 19:16:54 -0600

At 01:08 PM 24/02/97 -0800, you wrote:
>Mauricio Marquez wrote:
>> I got SQL installed. What do I need to setup in order for it to work with
>> Emerald?
>> Call me stupid but I can't get Emerald installed. I unzip the
>> file (67 files, 6869KB). Then I run setup.exe...have trouble
>> with some files.
>> I put MTY (my computer's name) in the SQL Server field and leave everything
>> else blank. An error pops-up "Error loading SETUPAPI.DLL". Then another
>> error with file MSVCRT.DLL ("in use"). I choose to ignore that. Finally the
>> error while registering CIMAIL.OCX (which I ignore).
>> Then I go back to the folder with the unzipped files, run AXDIST.EXE, re-run
>> SETUP.EXE (as it says in the changes.txt file) but that makes no difference.
>> I can't see ant emerald.ini file.
>There is no emerald.ini file anymore. Can you run the
>Emerald administrator?

No I can't. I still can't get the CIMAIL.OCX file registered. What can I do
Of course, this is a critical situation for us lost by the minute.



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