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Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 21 Feb 1997 04:02:29 -0800

David Mulberry wrote:
> Any suggestions on the following is appreciated:
> My expire date starts 10 days after I add a customer to Emerald. I want to run a batch invoice process every Monday morning to email 20 days in advance of whatever the user's expire date is. If I run the batch Monday 2/24 to invoice anyone who has an expire date of say 3/15 or less what date would I put in the date field (under the batch tab)?

This is called incremental billing and is available in 2.0.84 and
higher. It will bill up
to the date you put into the date field. You enabled it in File,
Incremental billing checkbox.

> I think, from what I've read here, is no matter what day of the month you put in the date field it invoices everyone with an expire date within that month, is this correct? If so any suggestions on making Emerald do something similiar to what I described above and/or will this change in future releases?

It already has.

> Also, shouldn't i be able to click the invoice tab bring up an invoice and click the mail tab and have it email the user? Or do I have to email from the batch tab? If I have to email from the batch tab what if I forget and then need to go back and email all of the people I just ran a batch renewal on? am i just out of luck?

You can email the invoice by clicking the email button, BUT you have to
sure atleast one service of the MBR has the "send bill" option checked.

Each invoice has a sent date to keep track of when it was
so that you don't have to keep track of what to send when. Leave the
blank when printing/emailing to use that.

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