Invoicing Question

David Mulberry ( )
Wed, 19 Feb 1997 21:04:45 -0500

Any suggestions on the following is appreciated:

My expire date starts 10 days after I add a customer to Emerald. I want =
to run a batch invoice process every Monday morning to email 20 days in =
advance of whatever the user's expire date is. If I run the batch =
Monday 2/24 to invoice anyone who has an expire date of say 3/15 or less =
what date would I put in the date field (under the batch tab)?=20

I think, from what I've read here, is no matter what day of the month =
you put in the date field it invoices everyone with an expire date =
within that month, is this correct? If so any suggestions on making =
Emerald do something similiar to what I described above and/or will this =
change in future releases?

Also, shouldn't i be able to click the invoice tab bring up an invoice =
and click the mail tab and have it email the user? Or do I have to =
email from the batch tab? If I have to email from the batch tab what if =
I forget and then need to go back and email all of the people I just ran =
a batch renewal on? am i just out of luck?

Thanks for all the help :)

David Mulberry
BinaryBus, Ltd.=20
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